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The Mission

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Sailing Koinonia has a three-part mission.  This mission is rooted in our desire for every person we meet to experience the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.  We are imperfect people trying to live life in a way that is consistent with prioritizing time with God, family, friends, and experiences over that of career, politics, or material wealth.

Reach the Cruising Community for Christ - Jesus said his true disciples would go out and make disciples of all nations -- and that eternity . He said they should go to every tribe and nation, teaching the things he taught and sharing the good news of salvation.

We think of the cruising community as a "tribe" too, and our goal is to make authentic connections and friendships through a lifestyle of sailing, opening the door to share our testimony of walking through life in relationship with Jesus. Cruising and voyaging is a wonderful way to live life, but it can never bringing lasting joy, peace, contentment, and meaning to a person's life; only a personal relationship with God can do that.


God loves all people. In spite of our many faults and imperfections and the natural inclination to do things we know we shouldn't. Despite our broken relationships with others. Despite past hurts and grudges. In spite of our rebellious, stubborn, hardened hearts. He proved his love by humbling himself, giving up his rightful place in heaven for a time, and coming into the world he created to be the last, perfect sacrifice for imperfect people. He was willing suffer and die, though he was innocent, for all of our sakes, even while we were sinners. That's how great his love is for us! 

By acknowledging our mistakes and trusting in Jesus as the one who paid the debt for our sin, he offers a restored relationship with God. There is no other way.   Contrary to what you may think, Christianity isn't about religion; it's about a person. It's not a behavior improvement program. It's not even just about going to heaven.  It's about coming into a personal relationship with the God who loves us.  It is the only way to experience the kind of joy, contentment, and meaning in life that he designed us to experience.

Reach the Most Isolated People on Earth - Jesus commanded his followers to go to en

Growing as a Family 

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