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The Crew

We're the Ward's - A family of five from Richmond, VA, USA cruising on mission aboard our sailboat, "Koinonia" (pronounced: koy-nohn-nee-ah).

You can learn more on our FAQ page about the reasons we decided to change our lifestyle and live on a boat with our children, instead of the more conventional plan of waiting for retirement.  If you're considering traveling afloat with your family or you think what we're doing sounds a little crazy (as in, crazy awesome), check out our FAQs page and also our Resources page.


Get to Know Us

Ben and Amber met at the age of 4 in Columbus, Georgia, USA. They attended the same church, the same schools, and were friends who fell in love during their college years. After a few job moves, they ended up in Virginia, sailing and racing on the Chesapeake Bay, as well as completing Coastal ASA courses at the Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship. This sparked our dream of cruising and traveling by sailboat with our children.

How Did We Get Here

Ben works in the banking industry for a top US bank and has 22+ years of product and technology management experience. Ben is also a yacht broker with Integrity Yacht Sales and enjoys helping clients find their dream boat or sell their current boat through his extensive network.  Learn more about our brokerage services.

Amber is an early childhood major and teacher who has been homeschooling for 9+ years.

In 2019, we bought a Perry designed Passport 47 sailboat. We hope you'll follow along on our adventures through our blog and social media.

Ben & Amber Ward Sailing Koinonia
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Ben & Amber Ward Annapolis Boat Show 2019
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Ben and Amber Ward VA Beach
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Amber & Ben ASA 103 Rockhall, MD
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Ben & Amber Ward

Madelyn Ward
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Elizabeth Ward
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Aliza Ward
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Maddy, Lizzy, & Aliza Ward

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