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The Ship - 1984 Passport 47 Aft Cockpit

"Koinonia" (pronounced: koy-nohn-nee-ah) is a first generation 1984 Passport 47, aft cockpit with three staterooms.  The boat is only 1 of 14 built and was designed by the venerable Robert H. Perry. We are big fans of Bob's designs for their proven seaworthiness, great sailing characteristics, thoughtful interiors, and aesthetics.  We have admired his work long before our search began for a liveaboard cruising sailboat.


We first befriended Bob on Facebook and later hired him to help us refine our search for a boat for our family of five. We think the Passport 47 represents some of Bob's best work and Passport Yachts are considered a fine builder of cruising boats. In the mid-eighties, they were building the Passport 47 at the King Dragon Yard in Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. The boats are very stoutly built, perform well on all points of sail, and have a solid teak interior and above average joinery.


We were also blessed to have one of the best yacht brokers on the East Coast: Dale Davis, owner of Integrity Yacht Sales, in Deale, MD.  On social media, he is better known by his handle, "John Sparrow."  He is not only knowledgeable but has similar tastes and sensibilities for boats.  He is attentive, works to understand the buyer's needs, and looks out for their interests -- not just pushing his own listings.  We highly recommend Dale!

Passport 47 Aft Cockpit (1984)

1984 Passport 47_Interior Layout.jpg

We have not been able to locate line drawings with the same interior layout of our boat, so we created this one using the images we found online. It's the only such drawing we know of in existence.  According to Bob Perry, Passport had a draftsman who could do a decent job of modifying the interior layouts for their clients, so it's likely this was a semi-custom design job.  Regardless of how the layout came about, it works well for our family of five.

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